Become a seller

Eguds Online Marketplace allows its users to join the website as a vendor. You will be rewarded with all the tools needed to run your own online business within minutes. What’s more, as a mark of valuing your attempt to stand on your own feet, we will give you all site tools free of charge up to one year, yes you heard it right!

At Eguds, our policy is to assist our users in all possible ways we can think of. We put our priorities at stake when we have to help you with your ventures.

You can simply start your own online business registering on our site as a vendor. You just need an active email address and some basic computer knowledge to start with. Once registered you get your own business store and can start setting it up with your business details, contacts, covers and profile pictures etc. You are also given settings to have store-specific SEO information so that you will be listed in search engine search results. This is just a small chapter of a long story.

Let us line up the basic procedure you should be following to open a business store for your products.

01. Go to

02. Next go to My Account in main menu or Sign Up in top right hand corner.

03. In the account set up page at right, enter your active email address and select I am a vendor option. Now the form will open up for you to enter your name, shop name, shop address and phone number.

04. Enter all starred fields and tick I have read and agree to site terms and conditions. Then hit Register button.

05. Now you will be prompted to check your email and verify the email address. Please do it. ( Note : If you cant find email in your inbox please check it in Spam folder. You may want to tell your email inbox )

06. In your email, there is an auto-generated password. Use it and registered email to sign in.

07. You will be guided by the store set-up wizard. This will ask you to enter some of your store’s most wanted and crucial information.

08. Once wizard is over, you will be directed to your store Dashboard where you can further edit your store. These are pretty self-explanatory settings and you can easily start listing your products.

09. We will soon host a helping video series so the users can follow.

Updated 25/12/2018

For help please contact eguds help desk :
[email protected] or 0763 460 177