Buying with EGUDS

When buying, you may want to register at Eguds as a customer for a better experience. This is because, as with any other online store on web, during the checkout, you are required to enter your personal details and delivery address. With Eguds, you may do this initially or during the checkout.

Buying process is pretty straightforward. Use categories or search functions on website or directly go to the Shop from main menu, then start browsing available products listed.

Please thoroughly analyse the product of your interest with given details and see if it best fits your requirement. If you are still in doubt please contact the seller forwarding your concerns. You can request more photos, part numbers of spares, dimensions, user manuals, details such as country of origin, material, any other specifications etc. via email right through the respective store by which the item has been listed. Please do not buy if you are uncertain or in doubt. If you are not sure what you are buying, you too are having a responsibility when you find out that the item does not fit. Accurate buying decision does prevent potential customer-seller disputes. Also, if you feel like a listed item has not been detailed enough, kindly take action to inform

01. Register as a customer clicking on My Account on Main Menu or Sign Up from top right corner.

02. You will need an active email address to receive email with password and verification link.

03. Once received, please log in using email as username and the password.

04. Start shopping. Once you find the item you want, select product variations of your choice ( color, size etc.), select how many units needed and hit Add To Cart button. The item is now in shopping cart.

05. Now, click on Checkout on main menu and you will be taken to the Checkout page where you are asked to enter Billing Details. If you want item to be sent to an address different to your own, please select the option from right and enter.

06. All starred fields are required to be filled. Make sure your address is accurate. Otherwise, proper delivery can fail.

07. You will be shown the total price inclusive of shipping charge. Usually, big packages will have a shipping charge.

08. You will be given a list of all available payment options. Please choose the method you are comfortable with and finalize the order.

09. Once your payment is cleared, the seller will work on the sending process. Please note that this can take some time. If you made a bank transfer, kindly inform eguds with a photo of the bank slip. Use order number when depositing.

10. Eguds does not maintain stocks. Website is a platform that facilitates seller-customer linkage. When an order is received for a listed item, the seller automatically receives an email with order details. Once payment cleared at Eguds and confirmed, the seller will work on the delivery. We work our best to have a speedy processing. But still there can be delays. Please understand this and allow us some time.

11. Eguds also lists items it orders for you from overseas. We have clearly shown the delivery period with such products in the description. Even you will get a purchase note with your order regarding this. So, if you are ordering something for an event at hand, we will be unable to deliver it on time. In such cases, please be kind to order with ample time ahead.

12. Items from overseas will directly be shipped to your given address. Certain Sri Lankan locations may not receive packages from overseas due to various reasons. In such cases, if you have not made orders before, you can choose to have them shipped to Eguds address. Then probably you can come and pick up from us for extra security. But please note that all these rely on the efficiency of local and international postal services. However, for items you order from will be given Buyer Protection.

Updated 25/12/2018

For help please contact eguds help desk :
[email protected] or 0763 460 177