Eguds Online Marketplace is a multivendor platform designed to support sellers from diverse trades. It is a locally registered business venture that operates with the business assistance and guidance in mind. The conceptual initiatives were first established by the founder, Kelum Jayasinghe upon observing few of the worst issues local growers, traditional industry sector and small scale enterprises experiencing.

Sri Lanka as an agricultural country has a huge potential to produce its own food. All the environmental factors exist in favor of the industry. Still, the producer has not been given his due acceptance and position. He by tradition keeps on relying to a capitalizing intermediate chain that does not allow him to earn the due profit of his investment. Intermediates in other words make several folds of good profits through various acceptable and non-acceptable methods. A large portion of the production becomes unusable since this delivery channel does not employ proper transportation and storage conditions. Careless handling results in severe post harvest losses reducing the original produce up to 50% which is not something that should be ignored. The supply channel consists of collectors, wholesellers and retailers and no farmer seems to have tried to directly develop a link with his customers. Frequent sights of post harvest losses, product adulteration cases and farmer cases where they grew suicidal being unable to gain a good price for the produce were the major observations that propelled the concept behind eguds.lk – to build up a platform that directly links producer to the customer. This system would avoid many issues the current system is associated with and farmers will get to learn marketing and technical skills demanded by the operation.

The other most alarming observation has been the fact that many Sri Lankan traditional industries are on the verge of disappearance. Their products do not go to potential customers or are poorly marketed. As a result, the earnings are poor and this very fact urges these people to give up the industry and look for greener pastures. This trend endangers the industry severely making its vertical flow from generation to generation weaker and weaker. Eguds as the producer-customer linking platform arrives in the scene and offers a promising solution for producers to display their products, prices and other relevant details. The system fully supports various other small scale enterprises where the market for products is very small and limited.

Eguds supports these three sectors with a very advanced system that keeps developing and adjusting what and where needed. The system employs data generation, recording, presentation and communication solutions for a more efficient and promising service to its users. Most important thing is that Eguds offers all this support completely free for producers from those three sectors as a social responsibility.

Eguds sees any sprouting entrepreneur as an asset for the society as well and does his best to help every possible way within its capacity. They can take time to try and work their way to success making use of the platform. At Eguds, we do not expect a speedy growth as we know that the transition is not that easy. People cling on to what they have been knowing and only a handful tries to blow up traditions and seek better ways of doing things.

The Owner / Founder

Kelum Jayasinghe is the owner and founder of the concept and the social business venture of Eguds Online Marketplace established in 2016. He is an Agriculture special graduate specialized in Biotechnology with a Masters in Molecular and Applied Microbiology. The excessive interest over computer and internet made him an expert in 2D and 3D graphics, Video Editing, 3D Animation and Modeling, 3D printing, Designing and Planing, Website construction etc. The academic background fuses with his passion for computer technology and traditional Sinhalese heritage when he decided an internet-based producer-buyer linking platform would ideally solve current issues producers are having.